Nepal's Conflicts: Reports on the Peace Process
Nepal's Process for Peace & Democracy 2008
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On the way to Democracy and Peace 2006/2008 - Reports, elections
Peace Process: Peace Process: UN Assistance & Support
UNSC Report of the Secretary-General on the request of Nepal... October 2008
HRW End Cycle of Impunity and Deliver Justice to Victims September 2008
ICRCFamilies of missing persons have a right to know August 2008
Tufts Humanitarian agenda 2015: Nepal country study August 2008
UNSC Extension of UNMIN's mandate July 2008
UN Report of the Secretary-Gen. on the request of Nepal for UN assistance... July 2008
ICG Nepal's Election: A Peaceful Revolution? July 2008
IDMC Sustainability of IDP return undermined by lack of assistancec June 2008
IRIN Reintegration of child soldiers "taking too long" May 2008
COALITION Global Report 2008 - Child soldiers in Nepal May 2008
Amnesty Overturning the Legacy of War May 2008
UNMIN Report on conditions for the CA election No 3 April 2008
ANFREL Second Pre-Election Report April 2008
UNMIN Report on conditions for the CA election No 2 March 2008
ANFREL First Pre-Election Report March 2008
OHCHR Terai: Summary of human rights concerns March 2008
UNMIN Report on conditions for the Constituent Assembly election No 1 March 2008
UN-EEMT Nepalese elections threatened if violence resurges March 2008
U.S.DoS Country Reports on Human Rights 2007 March 2008
Carter Center Urges an End to Election-Related Violence March 2008
Carter Center Calls on Nepal's Government and All Parties on CA Elections February 2008
Carter Center 5th Pre-Election Statement February 2008
IRIN Maoists accused of fomenting political crisis February 2008
EU Election Observation Mission Nepal 2008 January 2008

OHCHR End of visit to Nepal February 2008
WFP Nepal, the deep field and insurgents February 2008
OHCHR-Nepal condemns bus bombing in Bara District January 2008
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