United Nations and Nepal
UN's support: Peace Process 2008

UNSC Report of the Secretary-General on the request of Nepal... October 2008
UN Secretary-general approves contribution in aid to Nepal September 2008
UNSC Extension of UNMIN's mandate July 2008
UNMIN Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal's first President July 2008
UN Report of the Secretary-Gen. on the request of Nepal for UN assistance... July 2008
UNMIN Constituent Assembly - A major milestone May2008
UNMIN Report on conditions for the CA election 3 April 2008
UNMIN Report on conditions for the CA election 2 March 2008
UNMIN Report on conditions for the Constituent Assembly election March 2008
UN-EEMT Nepalese elections threatened if violence resurges March 2008
UNMIN Election Process: Statement by I. Martin March 2008
UNMIN Statement by the Regional Head of Estern Region February 2008
UNMIN Combatants verification process, 2nd phase completed December 2007
UNMIN to leave Nepal January 2011
UNMIN PLA Cantonments UNMIN Election support
United Nations Human Rights Links UN Links Map of Nepal
United Nations Peace Process 2007 Peace Process 2006 Elections Appeals for Peace
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