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FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association)
FIFA World Cup


The 43 Participating Member Associations'seeding for the 2010 FIFA World Cup was as follows:

1. Australia
2. Korea Republic
3. Iran
4. Japan
4. Saudi Arabia
6. Bahrain
7. Uzbekistan
8. Kuwait
9. DPR Korea
10. China
11. Jordan
12. Iraq
13. Lebanon
14. Oman
15. UAE
16. Qatar
17. Syria
18. Palestine
19. Thailand
20. Turkmenistan
21. Tajikistan
22. Indonesia
23. Hong Kong
24. Yemen
25. Vietnam
26. Kyrgyzstan
27. Maldives
28. India
29. Singapore
30. Sri Lanka
31. Malaysia
32. Chinese Taipei
33. Bangladesh
34. Macau
35. Pakistan
36. Afghanistan
37. Mongolia
38. Guam
39. Nepal
40. Cambodia
41. Bhutan
42. Myanmar
43. Timor-Leste

After three preliminary rounds, ten Asian teams was playing the fourth round which consists of two groups of five teams. The two group winners and the two group runners-up have qualified for the South Africa. The third-placed teams from each group have played a home-and-away play-off.

Bhutan has decided to withdraw from the Asian qualifiers for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, as they could not fulfill their fixture with Kuwait in October 2007.

Last matches:

18.04.09 Maldives vs Bhutan 5:0 (3:0)
16.04.09 Turkmenistan vs Bhutan 7:0 (2:0)
14.04.09 Philippines vs Bhutan 1:0 (1:0)

FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking 2010
191British Virgin Islands
193 Cook Islands
193 Guam
199US Virgin Islands
202Central African Republic
202San Marino
202American Samoa
202Papua New Guinea (the last one in the ranking)

Source: FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association), October 2009

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FIFA Bhutan


National Football League
Football in Bhutan

In 2000 the teams in Bhutan were divided into three divisions: in Division A , in Division and in Division C.

The various national teams have managed to gather some international experience. For example the U-19s took part in the Asian junior qualifiersandthe A team was in the qualifying round for the Asia Cup.

In 2009 the Bhutanes Football counted approx. 1,200 registered players in 10 clubs and 15,900 unregistered Players

Bhutan Football Federation P.O. Box 365 THIMPHU

National League - Division A

Standings (September 2009)

1 Drukstar
2 Yeedzin
3 Drukpol
4 Choden
5 Transport United
6 Druk Athletic
7 Rigzung
8 Royal Bhutan Army

The national championship is played out in serveral rounds of a tournament.

Source: FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association), October 2009

A Division League Tournament in Thimphu June-July 2010
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