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The Late Royal Family: The Former Royal Family - Royal tragedy July 2001
BBC: The Former Royal Family in Nepal
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Reports on Nepal The monarchy's life in Nepal's republic Feb 2011 Nepal Flag
The royal tragedy The royal family

Nepal royal assassin named king

Eyewitness: Tearful farewell to Birendra

Dipendra: Gentle man who went beserk

Confusion reigns in Nepal

Grief and disbelief grips Nepal

Curfew imposed after clashes in Nepal

Rumours fuel massacre mystery

Anger in Kathmandu

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Analysis: Nepal's uncertain future

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Eton's royal connection

Nepal's monarch of change

Nepal's royal proclamation

Nepal's royal proclamation

Beauty at heart of killings mystery

Gyanendra: Safe pair of hands

Nepal bids king's soul farewell

Beauty at heart of killings myster

The royal carnage The king

India worried over Nepal crisis

Nepal tragedy raises internet profile

Suspicion surrounds massacre inquiry

Nepal probe 'seeks prince's girlfriend'

Prince blamed for Nepal massacre

Nepal king moves into palace (July 2002)