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The Bodo & Ulfa Problem
2000 - 2002
Bhutan Bodo & Ulfa Conflict
National Assembly debates course of action on the militant problem (July 2002)
The security coordination meeting in Gedu: Security plan for Chukha (June 2002)
Security: Home Minister briefed the National Assembly (Febraury 2002)
ULFA rebels reject safe passage (January 2002)
Bhutan threatens crackdown against ULFA militants (December 2001)
Agreement signed with ULFA militants (August 2001)
Chairman of the Lhengye Zhungtsho presents the gvt's security report (June 2001)
Security situation in Zhemgang (May 2001)
Bhutan's security must be safeguarded by its people (April 2001)
Bhutan is running out of options on militant problem (February 2001)
The people of Mongar support strong action against the militants (February 2001)
India: Armed groups target civilians in Assam (January 2001)
India urged to probe Assam killings (December 2000)
The Assam tragedy: Report from India (December 2000)
Perpetrators of the crimes against Bhutanese must be brought to justice (Dec 2000)
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