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Royal Family Reports
The Late Royal Family: The Former Royal Family - Royal tragedy July 2001
Nepal: The Royal Tragedy 2001
Dipendra killed King Birendra: A true story?
Dipendra killed King Birendra
Kathmandu, June 07, 2001

Heady after a few drinks, an Israeli-made assault rifle in his hand, Crown Prince Diprendra shot bullets into his father King Birendra three times and killed him and other members of The Former Royal Family, including Queen Aishwarya in a shoot-out at the Royal Narayanhit Palace. Crown Prince Dipendra walked down the staircase to kill his father, King Birendra of Nepal. The king was shot in the neck and in the stomach. Queen Aishwarya and Prince Nirajan were shot dead at a garden between the reception room and Dipendra's living quarters. Prince Nirajan tried to save her and was shot in the back.

Royal cousins and other upper-class friends - about two dozen guests who formed the core of Nepal's monarchy - flitted around the "Billiard Room" and adjacent chambers in Narayanhiti Palace. The crown prince had been drinking, and had "misbehaved" with one of the guests, when King Birendra insisted he leave the room. Prince Dipendra and his parents had had years of sharp differences over the woman the Dipendra wanted to marry. The crown prince and his mother had sharp words that night over the young woman, Devyani Rana, the daughter of a prominent Nepali businessman and the granddaughter of an Indian maharaja. The crown prince was taken up to his room in a drunken state. Meanwhile, the king was furious at the crown prince's behavior before the guests, and left the large room with Queen Aishwarya.

The king's aides had retired to their rooms or to the royal cars in the opulent campus of the palace. In the Billiard Room the rich and influential guests chatted away before dinner. A half hour later Dipendra appeared at the top of the stairs in fatigues of the Royal Nepalese Army. There were no security personnel at the reception room when the shoot-out began. The prince Dipendra fired a single shot into the ceiling, before letting loose a burst of automatic fire that hit King Birendra - others were also hit a few seconds later.

Several guests hid behind a sofa. Others tried to run. The crown prince came out and started firing again. Five other royals went down. Others lay wounded and screaming in pain. The crown prince walked to the garden outside the Billiards Room. Prince Nirajan and the queen followed him. The Queen confronted Dipendra at the garden. The queen tried to hold him back, so she was the next to go down. Prince Nirajan tried to save her and was shot in the back. The bodies of the mother and son lay in the garden. Dipendra shot himself at a bridge linking his living quarters with the garden.

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