Nepal: Human Rights
Displaced & Disappeared People
IRIN Displaced children face hardship Nov 2008
ICRC Families of missing persons have a right... Aug 2008
IRIN IDPs still waiting for help, despite peace accord Aug 2008
IDMC Sustainability of IDP returns... June 2008
INSEC Supreme Court judgment on Disappearances June 2008
INSEC Report on assistance to IDPs Returnees March 2008
OCHA Kapilvastu and Dang, humanitarian needs Sept 2007
IRIN Plight of ID children not improving July 2007

IRIN IDPs unable to return home ... April 2007
ICRC ICRC seeks to clarify the fate of more ... February 2007
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Displacements Reports - Archives
Displacements 2005-2006