Nepal in Crisis 2006: Human Rights
Human Rights
IRIN Ending impunity should be taken seriously by the government December 2006
IRIN Peace agreement leads to improved school security December 2006
IRIN Concerns over growing insecurity October 2006
IDMC IDP return still a trickle despite ceasefire October 2006
Kantipur Janakpur to Geneva: a 'disappeared' trail August 2006
INSEC The Maoist way of interrogation... June 2006
INSEC Violence against Women during Armed Conflict June 2006
IRIN Conflict areas benefit from ceasefire May 2006
IRIN Reproductive health and the conflict April 2006
ICG Human rights organisations call for sanctions April 2006
IRIN NEPAL: Schools caught in the conflict - NGOs April 2006
HRW Nepal's Civil War: The Conflict Resumes March 2006
UNICEF Children and Women in Nepal 2006 March 2006
U.S.DoS Country Reports on Human Rights 2005 March 2006
IRIN Overview analysis: A people's war? Feb 2006
OHCHR The situation of human rights in Nepal Feb 2006
IRIN Decades of damage to education Feb 2006
IRIN Testimony by a victim of Maoist torture Feb 2006
IRIN The conflict's dangerous impact on health services Feb 2006
HRW Time for King to Relinquish Power Feb 2006
ACHR One Year of Royal Anarchy Jan 2006
HRW Country Summary Nepal Jan 2006
INSEC 3-months of ceasefire - An assessment by INSEC
Amnesty International & Human Rights
United Nations & Nepal: Human Rrights
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