Nepal's Civil War - Maoist Insurgency
War in Nepal: Facts on Maoists
Maoist battallion in eastern Nepal
Maoist fighting units in Rolpa
Maoist Fighting Units
Updates 2004
A Maoist battalion in eastern Nepal

The Sangram battalion has a total of 358 guerrillas split into three companies. This battalion has not been able to deploy an adequate number of forces as per the decision of the divisional headquarters within the eastern command. Guerrillas were sent from other districts to join the battalion. According to a RNA report, the battalion had to provide Rs 100 to each guerrilla member a month.

Maoist fighting units in Rolpa

According to RNA sources there are between 2,000 and 4,000 well-trained Maoist fighters, known as the movement's "hard core". Another 12,000-14,000 so called "militia" fight alongside them. These include recent recruits - some of them young women - largely in their teens. They carry antiquated 303 rifles looted from police stations. Some of the elite fighters use submachine guns and more modern rifles, stolen from the army.

Maoist unit Maoist unit
Nepal district map