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Women and Children
Women and Children
Specific Adverse Impact on Women and Children

May 2006

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1996 - 2006
Increase in Violence Against Women and Children

During conflict women and girls are vulnerable to all forms of violence, particularly sexual violence and exploitation, including torture, rape, mass rape, and trafficking. Similarly, the health consequences for women and girls during the conflict are also enormous. According to INSEC, from 13 February 1996 to 31 October 2005 total of 911 women have been killed by both sides.

According to CWIN-NRCIC, in the course of 11 years of armed conflict, it has been reported that: 445 (309 boys and 136 girls) have already died, 522 (318 boys and 150 girls and 54 are unknown) have been injured, 30,587 children have been abducted (captured and released in many cases) and around 254 children have been arrested by state security force.

From the period of Jan - April 2006, it has been recorded that: 23 children (13 boys and 10 girls) have been killed, 47 children (35 boys and 13 girls) have been injured. Similarly, 514 children have been abducted (captured and released in many cases) by the rebel group and state security forces have arrested 16 (3 boys and 2 girls and 13 unidentified) children. 11 children (7 boys and 4 unidentified) involved in Maoist activities had surrendered.

Increase in the Number of Single Women

During the twelve year long conflict many citizens of Nepal had lost their lives . The data available from INSEC shows that from 13 February 1996 to 31 October 2005 a total of 8273 persons had been killed by the state (5852 males, 748 females and 1673 sex not identified). On the other hand a total of 4577 persons were killed by the non-state actors (4218 males, 163 females and 196 gender not identified). Hence total of 12,850 people have been killed from both the rebel and the security side. This has consequently resulted in an increase in the number of single women, though there is no exact data reflecting this.

Source: UNIFEM, UNITED NATIONS Development Fund for Women 2006
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