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Global Warming
Bhutan's Glaciers and Glacial Lakes
In the Bhutan Himalayas, ASTER data have revealed significant spatial variability in glacier flow, such that the glacier velocities in the terminus zones on the south side exhibit significantly lower velocities (10 - 20 m/yr), versus much higher flow velocities on the north side (20 - 200 m/yr). The velocity magnitude for the northern glaciers suggests a relatively high basal velocity versus substantially stagnated ice for the southern glaciers. These and other results are emerging from the Global Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS) project, under the direction of Dr. Jeff Kargel of the University of Arizona. This ASTER scene was acquired 20 November 2001, is centered near 28.3 degrees north latitude, 90.1 degrees east longitude, and covers an area of 32.3 x 46.7 km.
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