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Sipa-Chi-Doe and Damsi Torma in Mongar


Thousands of people rushed to dismantle the Doe (a great altar representing the universe) and take home what ever they could obtain of the precious offerings as the nine-day Sipa-Chi-Doe and Damsi Torma Kurim ceremonyconcluded in Mongar. Organisers said that more than 60,000 people from the six eastern dzongkhags and from other parts of the country attended the sacred ceremony which was conducted for the well being of His Majesty the King, the nation, and the Bhutanese people.

A 65-year old man from Drametsi said that, as true Buddhists, the people believed that the ceremony will protect the nation against all natural calamities, famine, drought and war. "It is through the strength of our important religious traditions that the legacy of the Palden Drukpa has been handed down from generation to generation of Bhutanese people," he said.

When our country is going through a difficult time, it is reassuring that religion continues to play a vital role," said the principal of Trashi Yangtse Rigney School, Lam Kezang.

The Sipa-Chi-Doe and Damsi Torma Kurim was sponsored and organisedby the nation's business community. According to the president of the Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dasho Ugyen Dorji, the business community had raised the funds, totaling more than Nu. 5.5 million, and requested His Holiness the Je Khenpo to conduct the ceremony for the well-being of the Tsawa Sum.

His Holiness the Je Khenpo explained that the Sipa-Chi-Doe and Damsi Torma offering was made to all the deities and sentient beings in the universe to balance the forces of good and evil. Great Bhutanese Lamas of the past had prophesised that this sacred offering ceremony would protect the nation against all threats, uphold religious traditions, safe guard the degeneration of spiritual values, and ensure peace and prosperity in the country.

This article was contributed by KUENSEL, Bhutan's National Newspaper 2001
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