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Wangdi Phodrang & Trongsa Area
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Paro Thimphu Punakha
Wangdi Phodrang Trongsa / Tongsa Bumthang / Jakar
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Bhutan tour map
Punakha areaaJakar areaWangdiPhodrang areaWangdiPhodrang areaThimphu areaParo area
^Wangdiphodrang Chendebji Village
Wangdi Phodrang Chendebji chorten Village
Trongsa Dzong Trongsa valley Pele La
Trongsa dzong Trongsa valley Himalaya
Wangdi Phodrang
Wangdi Phodrang
Chendebji chorten
Village near Punakha
Trongsa dzong
Trongsa dzong
Trongsa valley
Trongsa valley
Pele La
Pele La: Himalaya
East-West-Highway by Motor Bike From Paro to Lhuentse Photo Gallery Wangi Phodrang Trongsa
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