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Improving service delivery in rural communities of Ash-Shamaytayn District in Taizz

UNDP in partnership with the Social Fund for Development (SFD) and local authorities has launched 100 community-based initiatives in Ash-Shamaytayn District in Taizz Governorate to promote community participation in local development by organizing Village Cooperative Councils and by stimulating community initiatives.

Ash Shamaytayn District has a population of more than 152,000 before the conflict and now its became doubled with internally displaced persons (IDPs).The district hosts the highest numbers of IDPs in Taizz Governorate.On the other hand, local authority's development budget allocated to the district reduced drastically by 92% according to the Rapid Integrated Assessment (RIA) conducted by UNDP in September 2015. The public financial situation constrained the district authority's to support service delivery activities.

50 out of 100 community initiatives have already started.Those initiatives include rehabilitation of roads and installation of water tanks, which will not only improve access to the communities, but also provide employment opportunities through civil works.Community initiatives also support provision of illiteracy courses and primary health care courses.

"For the first time I delivered a baby at home. Thanks for care provided by a midwife trained by SFD in support with UNDP, "said Ebtisam Abdulgalil - a housewife from Ash Shamaytain District. "We used to travel to the city of Taizz to get the necessary care, which caused a lot of risks to the mother and her baby and costs a lot of money," she added.

"It is a UNDP's main objective to restore most needed social services in conflict affected communities.In partnership with local authorities and SFD, we will ensure not only to deliver tangible results to ease hardships of people but to strengthen social capitals in the communities that will be a building block of future Yemen society," said Ms. Mikiko Tanaka, UNDP Yemen Country Director.

Through the Empowerment for Local Development Programme, SFD and UNDP will provide assistance to 40 villages, and about 48,000 people affected by the conflict will receive benefits. These interventions are supported by UNDP Thematic Trust Fund in line with UNDP's updated strategic framework in increasing social services.

Source: UNDP Yemen, Apr 10, 2016
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