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UNDP expands its support for solid waste removal in Sa'ada and Aden

UNDP in partnership with Abna'a Sa'ada Organization and Nahda Makers launched an emergency management project to restore disrupted solid waste removal service in the governorates of Sa'ada and Aden respectively. This initiative will provide employment opportunities for 250 vulnerable youth in Sa'ada and for 50 youth in Aden, improving the livelihoods of 2,100 family members.

UNDP together with Small and Micro-enterprises Promotion Agency (SMEPS) examined the impact of the crisis on business activity since March 2015 in a Rapid Survey. The findings of the August 2015 survey highlighted that the economy is at standstill with a majority of businesses, irrespective of their sizes, resorting to employee lay-offs to mitigate loss and damage incurred.

300 unemployed youth at risk will be targeted in this expansion phase for a 60-day cash-for-work program in the district of Sa'ada in Sa'ada governorate and Al-Muallaa neighbourhood of Aden. Emergency employment will also lay the foundation for sustainable self-employment opportunities in the recycling sector.

Income earned through this programme will contribute to improve the abilities of the crisis-affected families to afford the basic necessities and prevent negative coping strategies that would further endanger their well-being. The intervention will also strengthen the operational capacity of the Cleanliness Fund by rehabilitating its fleet through the provision of spare parts and tools. This will further contribute to disease containment as the crisis has significantly disrupted waste collection services and led to waste accumulations in the streets since March 2015 that fostered the proliferation of vectors.

"I have been without a job since the start of the conflict," said Fathia Mohammed, 28 year old female worker from Sa'ada district."This project will allow me to earn money and support my family as my husband lost his job in April," she added.

"This program will enable youth to manage recycling projects to preserve the environment and keep the city clean," said Oumaimah Al-Hamzi, a female participant in the cash of work activities in Al-Muallaa neighborhood.

This intervention which is supported by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) will directly benefit 3,850 family members across Saada, Taizz and Aden governorates. An estimated 680,000 people affected by the conflict will see their living conditions improved as a result of this project.

Source: UNDP Yemen, Apr 10, 2016
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