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Her Majesty Gayum Phuntsho Choden
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Gayum Kudroe's Kudung
Bhutan bids farewell to Gayum Kudroe
Bumthang: Gayum Kudroe's purjang
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Gayum Kudroe's Kudung
Gayum Kudroe's Kudung leaved for Bumthang
Her late Majesty
Gayum Phuntsho Choden 1911-2003
October 2003
With prayer beads, incense, and flowers in hand, thousands of Thimphu's residents lined the city's streets to offer prayers and bid farewell to the Kudung of Gayum Kudroe as the cort├Ęge has begun its journey for Bumthang.
The Je Khenpo, in prayer, receives the Godhar from the Kudung

In the presence of His Majesty the King and their Majesties the Queens, the Kudung left Gayum Kudroe's retreat residence in Dechenchholing for Tashichhodzong where it was received by His Holiness the Je Khenpo, the four lopons and senior officials. The Je Khenpo has offered a prayer and the Godhar to the Tashichhodzong. The Godhar symbolises the last good wishes for the people and country from Gayum Kudroe. In Dochula cabinet ministers, councilors, dzongkhag officials, and well wishers received the Kudung and have offered lunch. The Kudung stopped in Wangduephodrang.

Crowds receive Kudung in Semthoka Nuns outside Gayums's residence in Dechenchholing
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