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Climate Summit Bhutan 2011
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Climate Summit Bhutan 2011
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Climate Summit Bhutan 2011

The Bhutan Climate Summit for A Living Himalayas 2011

19th November 2011

Disaster Risk Reduction Events
Organizer: Bangladesh - government; Bhutan - government; India - government; Nepal - government
Date: 19 Nov 2011
Location: Bhutan (Thimphu)

In the face of Climate Change, there is urgent need for Himalayan nations to build resilience to buffer the impacts of Climate Change and generate resources for adaptation, capacity building, and technology transfer. Such actions can no longer wait for a global agreement.

In the Himalayas where the impacts of global climate are manifesting at a rapid pace, the time for action is running out.

Recognizing this, the Governments of Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and India have agreed to convene the Bhutan 2011 Climate Summit to:

- Adopt and endorse a 10-year road map for adaptation to climate change in the Eastern Himalaya's sub-region for ensuring food, water and energy security while maintaining biodiversity and eco-system services.

- Secure pledges from partner countries, institutions and individuals to fund and collaborate in the implementation of the road map.

- Create and operationalize regional expert groups to advice Governments in implementing the road maps and addressing emerging challenges.

Four key themes will be addressed during the Summit:

- Ensuring food security and livelihoods.
- Securing the natural fresh water systems of the Himalayas.
- Securing biodiversity and ensuring its sustainable use.
- Ensuring energy security and enhancing alternative technologies.

Attention will also be paid to cross-cutting issues such as health and disaster risks related to climate change.

Source: United Nations International Strategy of Disaster Reduction UNISDR, November 2011
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Climate Summit Bhutan 2011
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