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Mandate & Contact
arr to train mid-level technical staff for the Ministry of Agriculture (Diploma Course)
arr to provide consultancy services to national and international organisations as and where needed.
arr to offer refresher/knowledge update courses for the RNR sector staff (in-service Courses)

College of Natural Resources (CNR) in Lobesa (former Natural Resources Training Institute (NRTI))

CNR, Lobesa
Tel No. 481337/481338
Fax No. 481326
Wangduephodrang, Bhutan

CNR Lobesa

Up to now the integrated Diploma Course for extension agents in animal husbandry, agriculture and forestry has been the main business of College of Natural Resources (CNR) in Lobesa (former Natural Resources Training Institute (NRTI)).

Since 1992, when this course started, a total of 579 students in 9 batches have received a diploma and have been placed as extension agents in the 201 geogs (communities) of Bhutan.

In the future the requirement for such extension agents is bound to diminish.At the same time, however, new profiles of mid-level staff are developing, such as e.g. the profile of food inspectors, a first batch of which graduated in summer 2003.



Next to this diploma courses and various in-service courses each year CNR (NRTI), supported by Helvetas, has started offering so called Farm Business Training Courses since 2000. Under this programme until end of 2003 more than 170 farmers have been trained in hands-on practical courses in the areas of piggery, poultry, vegetable production, nursery, fishery, dairy, mushroom production and chainsaw management. With the signing of the project agreement for the Rural Development Training Project in October 2003 the responsibility for these courses will, until end 2006, be gradually handed over to the new Rural Development Centre presently under construction in Zhemgang.

With the foundation of the Royal University of Bhutan (RUB) in June 2003, the College of Natural Resources (CNR) in Lobesa (former Natural Resources Training Institute (NRTI)), now as official college of RUB, has been given the additional mandate of offering degree courses (BSc and later MSc) in Natural Resources Management (NRM).

Courtesy: Helvetas Bhutan
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