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Weaving the Burrey
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Weaving the Burrey
Thinley Pem weaves throughout the year
Nimble fingers run through raw silk threads as Thinley Pem, 22, weaves delicate designs on a silk loom set she has just started.
By the end of the month she would have woven enough for two sets of Burrey (raw silk) ghos that will fetch about Nu 10,000 in the village itself, bought usually by middlemen in the business and by civil servants passing through.

With the agricultural season over, many women in Radhi are weaving, their back strap looms set in verandahs of their houses and some in the open ground of harvested paddy fields. Besides being the rice bowl of Trashigang, Radhi geog is equally known for its burrey weaves which are as popular as the Bumthang martha and the Kurtoep kishuthara. Dawa Dema and three other women have temporarily turned a paddy field into a weaving unit. She weaves about six sets of burrey gho annually, with most of the weaving done during the winter months. "Government employees come here to buy otherwise we get orders from dzongkhag authorities," she says. "Every single piece is sold out, always. The only problem is finding time to weave."

This article was contributed by KUENSEL, Bhutan's National Newspaper
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