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Cooperation Bhutan - Switzerland
Switzerland-Bhutan Society
May 2005
Swiss cow in front of the Swiss Alps
Securing some funds for a project with the Youth Development Fund and continuing with the hands on training tour for two to three Bhutanese farmers in Switzerland were some of the new activities planned for the year according to the chairman of the Switzerland-Bhutan Society, Mr. Ernst Reinhardt.

Mr. Patrick Vogel and Mr. Dominique Guenat accompanied the society's chairman.

The Society's programmes

Two farmers from Trashigang and Haa spent three months in Swiss farms as part of the first farmer training programme initiated in October 2003.

Another activity was to establish a bio-Bhutan project. The society had sponsored a feasibility study to introduce organic farming in Bhutan. A cultural exchange programme for academics and media personnel was also being planned.

"People to people, not institution to institution, exchange, interaction and reciprocity to the extent possible is the objective of the objective of the society," said Mr. Reinhardt led a three-member delegation from the board of the society in Switzerland. He said that their mission in Bhutan was to update "on our memorandum of understanding, to identify projects, and to explore other possible interactions".

"We don't have lack of friends here in Bhutan," said the chairman who visits Bhutan at least once a year. "But we need to have a counterpart to sustain our activities, we need to have a counterpart with whom we can interact more strongly." The Bhutan Switzerland Friendship Association is its sister organisation in Bhutan.

"We are not talking much about money and projects because we are not a fund raising organisation," said Mr. Reinhardt. We raise funds for identified projects, either by the Bhutanese or the Swiss." We raise funds for identified projects, either by the Bhutanese or the Swiss."

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