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Druk Air's new aircrafts
After the BAe systems announced termination of its Avro RJX programme Drukair has opened its avenues to other possibilities with flight test of the Airbus A-319 that took off in Paro International Airport.

The 110 seater Airbus A-319 is the first of a number jets that will be tested by Drukair.

Druk Air is presently carrying out what is expected to be a lengthy technical evaluation on the feasibility of buying other jets.

Canadian Bombardier and German Dornier 728 jets are some of the possibilities Druk Air has so far identified.

While deciding on a plane to purchase factors such as the country's geographical terrain and suitability for narrow valleys, and short runways must be evaluated.

Late last year the BAe systems announced termination of its Avro RJX programme, prior to this announcement Drukair was expecting the delivery of two Avro RJX aircraft, one of which was supposed to reach Paro in December 2001.

Two-class seating for 124 passengers, with a range of up to 3700 nautical miles, powered by CFM56-5 or IAE V2500 engines. In the Airbus Corporate Jetliner version spacious luxury is added to airliner levels of reliability, with a range of up to 6300 nautical miles.The A320 Family cabin is simply the best for any kind of travel in this market. The A319 was the first member of the A320 Family to bring a new standard of comfort and technology to markets previously only served by the smallest jet aircraft. That is why the A319 continues to outsell its direct competitor, and the the reason why this standard-setting aircraft has been used to develop the Airbus Corporate Jetliner, the only business jet that can be easily converted to commercial passenger service. Today, airlines want families of aircraft with consistent comfort and performance standards across the whole family. This makes it possible to switch aircraft between routes and markets, according to changing travel trends and seasonal, even daily, traffic variations. Meeting this need ideally is the single-aisle A320 Family, offering from 100 to 220 seats' capacity with the same crews, parts, cabin and performance standards.
The A319, A320 and A321 have been developed to have range of 3000 nautical miles in the single-aisle market, range to offer true transcontinental non-stop capability, whether routes are primarily business travel or leisure and holiday travel. The highest-weight A319 has the exceptional non-stop range capability of 3700nm/6850km.
Airbus A319
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