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Nepal information
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Castes - Children - Dalits - Kamaiyas - Marriages - Minorities
Nepal Social Life
Ethnic Groups & Nationalities
Ethnic Groups & Nationalities
Women, Dalit and Ethnic Groups
Socio-econmic Groups
Dalit People the lowest caste in the Hindu caste hierarchy
Kamaiyas Former bonded labourer
Urban squatters
Women, Dalit and Ethnic Groups
Social Transformation
Towards a "Great Transformation" The Maoist Insurgency and Local Perceptions of Social Transformation - e.g. casts, women, Maoists, Dalits
Early marriage - Child marriages
Cross-cultural marriage
Dadeldhura, Kanchanpur: Marriage not a two-night affair
Traditional Village Weddings in Nepal
Women in Nepal Social Status discrimination, marriage, prostitution...
The Silent revolution of Nepali women
Efforts at Promotion of Women in Nepal
Reports and Analysis on the Children and Women in Nepal
Women in Nepal Politics Constituent Assembly
Women, Dalit and Ethnic Groups
Naya Adhyaya - Women of Nepal
Children & Youth
Child workers
Child soldiers
Victims of armed conflict
Reports and Analysis on the Children and Women in Nepal
Violence Against Children sexual abuse ...
Gays and Lesbian under pressure
Moral, cultural factors hindering the real issues of sex-work
Education & Health
Conflict - Education, Health & Poverty: An Overview
Report: "Reproductive health and the conflict"
Education in Nepal
Human Rights
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Nepal Social Life Nepal's Social Life
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Nepal Visitor Guide
Nepal Trekkings