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Trongsa Dzong and Ta-Dzong in Trongsa
Gangtoe Lhakhang
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Paro Dzong and Ugyen Pelri Palace in Paro
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Trongsa Dzong and Ta-Dzong in Trongsa
Ta-Dzong in Trongsa
Ta Dzong
Trongsa is situated in the central part of the country and the 'dzong' here is the most interesting. Sloping down the contour of a ridge stands the many-leveled Trongsa Dzong, built in 1648. The 'dzong' rides the steep green slopes of a ridge with multiple elevations built at various times in history. It takes at least another 40 minutes from the look-out before you arrive in Trongsa proper. The dzong acts as a defensive fortress, stepping down into the valley and its bright golden yellow roof occupies most of the view from Trongsa. Trongsa is the ancestral home of the Royal Family.

The Crown Prince of Bhutan traditionally becomes "Penlop" (Governor) of Trongsa before being crowned King as the 5th Druk Gyalpo.

Trongsa Dzong
Ta Dzong, or the watch tower which once guarded the Dzong from internal rebellion, stands impressively above the Dzong and provides visitor with more insight into the historical significance of Trongsa in Bhutan's history. A chapel inside the tower is dedicated to the Trongsa penelop. In another chapel, there is a interesting representation of a palace.

TheTrongsa Dzong has been the seat of power for the eastern region and attained national significance, as in 1907 it was the Trongsa Penlop (governor) who was throned the first hereditary ruler of the kingdom. Trongsa Dzong was built in 1648 and has been the traditional home of all four kings of Bhutan prior to their ascending the throne.

Trongsa's location in the geographic center of the kingdom has enabled a "Penlop" (Governor) to effectively control the entire East and West of the country from there.

Paro Dzong and Ugyen Pelri Palace in Paro
Ugyen Pelri Palace in Paro

Paro Valley is one of the most populated area in the country. Because of its proximity to the airport, there are hotels and tourist amenities close by. The Paro Valley contains a wealth of attractions and requires a few days to be properly explored. Casting a shadow across the town of Paro and controlling all secular and religious activities in its valley is the elegant and perfectly symmetrical Rinpung Dzong. It is a fortress situated on a knoll across the Paro Chu river with acommanding view of the Paro valley. The Rinpung Dzong built during the 17th century, which is now used as an administration center and school for monks. Behind Rinpung Dzong, on the high hillside, is the castle shaped Ta Dzong.
Once a watch tower built to defend Rinpung Dzong during inter-valley wars in the 17th Century, Ta Dzong has housed the nations heritage in Bhutan's National Museum since 1967. The museum provides an excellent way to pass an afternoon and its circular shape augments its varied collection. The Ta Dzong Fort which displays antique thankha paintings, textiles, weapons and a very interesting collection of postage stamps.
Ugyen Pelri Palace is in a seculuded wooded compound on the south side of the Paro Chhu (river). The palace was built by a Paro penlop in the early 1900s. The palce is now a residence of the Queen's mother. On the roadside beside Ugyen Pelri Palace are five square chortens.
Paro Dzong and Ta-Dzong Fort in Paro

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