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Customer's question
What's included in the cost of my trip?
What's NOT included in the price of my trip?
Do I need a passport?
What other travel documents do I need?
How can I get Bhutan visa? Are there any other countries from where I can get a visa? How long does it take?
Why is there a fixed cost for travel to Bhutan? And why is it relatively more expensive than neighboring destinations?
Can I travel as an individual with a tour guide?
Can I decide on what I see in Bhutan or do I have to go with a planned tour?
How can I pay for my tour? What Currency do I have to pay in? Can I use my credit card?
How can I purchase Druk Air tickets?
When is the best time to visit Bhutan?
Can I receive references from people who have traveled through YANA Travel?
What languages can your guide speak?
How can I get to Bhutan? Can I travel overland from India?
What outfit/clothes should I wear for Bhutan?
Tashi "Kelson" Tobgay
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