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For travelers who look for more than conventional tourist attractions, and desire to experience Bhutan's fascinating traditions, YANA Travel opens doors and takes you into the heart of a rich and thriving culture, unique art and architecture and above all, the people whose simple lifestyle will make your Bhutan experience unforgettable. With YANA Travel you do not travel in a tour group, but join us as our private guests. Thus, as a member of small, select circle we are able to share with you experiences that cannot be enjoyed by ordinary visitors. Punakha
farm house A visit to YANA Travel owned farmhouse would offer you a closer look at the Kingdom's unique culture, which dictates simple hospitality extended to any and all guests, even to perfect strangers. We plan each trip separately, making sure you get exactly what you request, and ensuring little special extras for every member of your party. There is abundance of wonderful opportunities, especially for photography, while on a journey through the interior of our Kingdom. YANA Travel' dedicated professionals know the great historical sites and natural locations dotted across the landscape, and they are always there to help you take marvelous pictures.
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