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Grafik Politics
dot Nepal former child soldiers freed January 2010
dot Maoists converge on Nepalese capital April 2010
dot PM announces resignation 'to end deadlock' July 2010
dot Ex-prince Paras Shah arrested... December 2010
dot Nepal's political deadlock reaches crisis points May 2011
dot Nepal enters crisis mode as constitution talks fail May 2012
dot UN denounces Nepal school attacks by Maoists July 2012
Grafik Politics
dot Thousands mourn statesman G.P. Koirala March 2010
dot Nepal brought to standstill by strike May 2010
dot Paras Shah, errant former crown prince December 2010
dot Uncertainty in Nepal as UN mission ends January 2011
dot Nepal declared free of mines after civil war June 2011
dot Parties resign as constitution deadline passes May 2012
Grafik Tourism - Himalayas
dot J.R., 13, becomes youngest to scale Everest May 2010
dot Super Sherpa' breaks his own Everest record May 2011
Everest avalanche kills at least 12 Sherpas Apr 2014
Nepal earthquake Apr 2015
Grafik Nature - Himalayas
dot UN climate body: mistake' on Himalayan glaciers Jan 2010
dot Charting unknown Himalayan waters Jan 2010
dot Nepal and China agree on Mount Everest's height Apr 2010
dot Nepal announces temporary logging ban June 2010
dot South Asian bloc active at climate meeting Dec 2010
Tigers 'take night shift' to dodge humans Sept 2012
Avalanche kills climbers in Nepal Sept 2012
Why is Nepal's new constitution controversial? Sept 2012
Why India is concerned about Nepal's constitution Sept 2015
Grafik Social - Health
dot Nepal lifts ban on its women working in the Gulf Dec 2010
GrafikGrafik Development - Economy
dot Highway will bring Nepal and Tibet... Jan 2010
dot Nepal energy scheme for power crisis Mar 2011
dot TV station uses lantern to highlight power cuts Mar 2011
Grafik Profiles
Nepal: Country profiles
Nepal: Timeline in history
dot Miscellaneous: Climate - Culture - Religion
dot The monarchy's life in Nepal's republic Feb 2011
dot Gurkha who repelled Taliban attack gets medal Mar 2011
dot Pokhara imposes triple ban on students Aug 2011
dot Christians plan hunger strike over burial ground Oct 2011
dot Christians demand designated burial grounds Oct 2011
dot Hindu Kanya Puja prayer ceremony Dec 2012
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